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Lecture 11

BIMS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Glycated Hemoglobin, Insulin

Biomedical Science
Course Code
BIMS 201
Elizabeth A.Crouch

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Insulin Therapy
Indications of insulin
a)Newly diagnosed DM and Type 2 DM
-HbA1c>10% or fasting plasma glucose >13mmol/L
b)Type 2 DM on maximal oral anti-diabetic agent(single/double/triple)
Insulin regimen
a)Basal insulin
-Long acting(18-22 hours)
-Starting dose:10 units or 0.2U/kg at bedtime
-Combination of short acting(30%) and long acting(70%)
-Starting dose:10 units or 0.2U/kg at pre-dinner(once daily) OR
10 units or 0.2U/kg at pre-breakfast and pre-dinner(twice daily)
-Starting dose:6units or 0.1U/kg for each meal with rapid or short acting insulin
d)Basal bolus
-Combination of both prandial and bolus insulin
-Starting dose: 6units or 0.1U/kg before each meal(prandial)
10 units or 0.2U/kg at bedtime(bolus insulin)
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