BESC 320 Lecture 1: Lecture of Steven SolomonDay9

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Texas A&M University
Bioenvironmental Sci.
BESC 320
Thomas Dewitt

Alejandra Ibarra Lecture of Steven Solomon Freshwater scarcity in Louisiana Need major changes to conserve water End of cheap and abundant water; more expensive to access Freshwater scarcity larger than oil scarcity. Redefining sectors such as politics, economics, and society Use water 2X as other populations Higher demand as population reaches 9M To make up: Pump dry aquifer Take water from rivers and lakes But actually depletes resources How much water does the average person uses? 1000 tons of water in the food we eat; 6000 gallons in the food we wear; industry will stop if no clean water is available Semiconductor plant uses water as much as 60,000 people Largest water use is for energy Lots to produce energy: electricity Also lots of energy to transport water Required energy will not be able to be acquired in a water shortage Thermal solar energy and other types are needed more where there is already water shortage Biofuels can’t be built up with the amount of water we need. There will be a struggle of power and wealth creation with water resources Agri. Revolution: mass scale irrigation, managed by water engineers Ind. Revolution brought steam engine 33 BC: Three decaying aquiducts cleaned and built up; provision of public water supply for rich and poor Fewer people could be sustained then Demographic transition made possible by professionals lounging the sanitary revolution Sanitary revolution Parliamentary feared diseases would affect them and started to do something Alejandra Ibarra Dams Linchpins of green revolution that helped feed millions of people Challenges to water scarcity epoch today Environmental- by drawing more water energy through water cycle and pollution, we are decreasing our resources 50% of wetlands gone; contaminated water wildlife that bioaccumulates to humans that consume fish or sea food Need to allocate water to 1/5 of environmental use Political- have and have nots of water availability India, Pakistan, and China will not be able to feed themselves Middle east depends on imports of 50% of food Inequity of resources and water survival need Turkey and Syria; water superpowers Draw resources from Euphrates river Freshwater scarcity: political chokepoint of chi
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