BIMS 320 Lecture 1: 1:30 Chap 3

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Biomedical Science
BIMS 320
James Newton Derr

1/30 CHAP 3 In Texas 28-29 genetic disorders tested for in newborns Mendel: Mendel was a monk, impressive he could use scientific methods at that time Developed two predictive laws that explained certain traits Species with generation time was important bc it was the right amount of time Chose to examine large number of offspring in the second generation Some tall plants had hidden dwarf plant alleles aka recessive, that’s why breeding second generation provided him with more insight Didn’t have credentials and education to publish in a peer review journal kind of deal, so he published a private book, had he not published we would not know about his work He was totally ignored after publishing Why did it take 40 years for scientific community to find Mendels work important? Mendel way ahead of his time, thinking outside box bc he didn’t know what the box was Scientists thinking totally different about inheritance during Mendel's time Mendel's principles hold for animals and plants In 1902 Brachydactyly inherited just as Mendel would suggest, have 5 fingers and toes bt their fingers and toes are very stubby, dominate trait, polydactyly too When Hardy and Wineberg adopting laws, guy named Punnett said that if trait is dominate, it will increase in frequency in time of a population, H and W proved that what he was saying wasn’t true Ockhams razor: simpler the explanation the way you should explain something if y
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