CEHD 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Fafsa

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Published on 27 Aug 2015
Greater Texas Aggie Foundation (First Meeting)
Next Meeting: September 11 -5 PM
Mandatory Soccer game: September 28, 3-5 PM
Free Fall Dance: October 2nd
Purpose of GTF: Assist graduates of early college high schools academically
Howdy Portal
Home: Newsletter & Alerts
Top Left Corner
- Pay tuition and fees
- Keep track of financial aid
- Set up direct deposit
Student Life
- Look for internship opportunity
- order parking permit
Top left Corner
- Find news about research being done, who is doing it, and how to get involve in it
Top right corner
University e-mail
Check daily
E-campus and e-learning
Information on classes
Where you will find and submit assignment
Study abroad Office
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