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Educational Psychology
EPSY 430

Keith Owen 9/12/13 EPSY 430 Creativity in Character  Three types of characteristics that combine to produce individual creativity: o Personality traits o Cognitive abilities o Biographical traits  Inherited vs. nurtured o There will be large differences in personality, mental traits, experiences and capabilities among those called “creative.” Creativity and Intelligence  Is there a relationship? o No  Getzels and Jackson (1962)  Differentiated between highly intelligent and highly creative through demonstrating low correlation between IQ and creativity scores. o Yes  Walberg and Zeiser (1997)  “The most common psychological trait is intelligence.” The Creativity Threshold?  Threshold Theory o MacKinnon (1978)  Demonstrated that a base level of intellectual ability is essential for creative productivity.  Above the threshold, however, there is virtually no relationship between measured intelligence and creativity.  IQ= 120 for threshold (approximate.)  Heteroscedasticity: “It’s complicated.”  Creative ability is on a continuum.  Training and practice improve your ability. Characteristics of the Creative Personality  Aware of creativeness  Original  Independent  Risk-taking  High energy  Curi
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