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Lecture 5

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Brian Rouleau

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January 30, 2014 Puritan Problems: Witches, Warfare, and Spiritual Welfare I. Wotowquenange II. Meanwhile back in England... III. King Philip's War -------------------------------------------------------- I. Wotowquenange (Translate to "Cut-Throat Stabbers) • Wotowquenange-> Is given to the English right after their victory in Pequot War • Puritan's life is not about conformity o Their efforts involve reform • Native New England was not dominated by a single chief, it was divided by several native groups • Sachem- leading authority within a village o Organized hunting parties o Distributed justice o Would rise to authority, not by election, but because they were wise or more strongly connect to the spiritual forces o They possessed some measure of religious authority o Was not a religious ruler • For the first few years after the English arrival, there is a moment of peace o The native people fathomed a possibility to use the English people for their own gain • The English and Natives had very different views of how land was used o English:  Land is owned  It’s a commodity  It can be passed on to one's heirs o Native People:  Land could not be privatized  Land could only be temporarily occupied with the consent of the community • Natives were very puzzled by the English's goal to amass wealth o It was there custom to give stuff away o Somewhat believed the wealthiest people had the least stuff • War quickly broke out • The Pequot Indians found themselves boxed in by the English settlers o They found this very threatening • The Pequot fight & the English start fighting back o It starts in 1636 leading into 1637 o The English military did pretty badly b/c they were still unfamiliar with the territory and their fighting tactics. o The English receive help from outside Natives who are familiar with the Pequot enemy  The English surround the fortress and shoot flam
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