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Lecture 8

HIST 105 Lecture 8 From Resistance to Revolutions.docx

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Texas A&M University
HIST 105
Brian Rouleau

11 February 2014 From Resistance to Revolutions I. Bills to Pay: The Grenville Programs of Imperial Reform II. Trouble with Tea III. The Common Sense of Revolution ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Bills to Pay: The Grenville Programs of Imperial Reform • Proclamation of 1763 • Land speculation/land speculators • The 7 years’ war was the most expensive war Great Britain has ever fought in • Grenville's solution to solve the huge debt was: o The Proclamation of 1763  It created a wall of separation between the Indians and the British. The British no longer could expand • This was to prevent, yet another costly war with the Indians o 10,000 Troops in British North America to keep the peace between the Indians and the British  ...The British became angry and thought that the government was taking the Indian's side • Stamp Act (1765) o To bring in revenue o Everything printed (Playing Cards, Documents, etc.) had to have a seal by the British Government in order to be considered legal o "No taxation without representation" vs "virtual representation" o Opposition to this Act ran throughout British North America o It violated their rights • Vice-admiralty courts  Were Jury-less trials  Forced upon people who didn't follow the Stamp Act  Broke British constitution for a trial by jury of the peers • Responses to the Stamp Act of 1765: 1. Non-importation agreements 2. Create a Stamp Act Congress attended by some colonial representatives and which issued a Declaration of Rights and Grievances 3. Committees of Correspondence 4. Crowd violence against imperial tax collectors led by the Sons of Liberty 5. Print: Pamphlets, newspaper editorials, etc. o It is written in the language of British allegiance for the British state  (No one is talking about the separation of England and North America) • They are just angry that their rights are being trampled upon •
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