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Lecture 9

HIST 105 Lecture 9 Many Revolutions, Many Wars for Independence.docx

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Texas A&M University
HIST 105
Brian Rouleau

13 February 2014 Many Revolutions, Many Wars for Independence I. Wars on the Battlefields II. Wars on the Frontier III. Slaves Turn the Tide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Wars on the Battlefields • Common Sense attempts to make the appeal of the political concept of liberty • John Adams despised Thomas Paine o B/c Paine advocates for basic human equality (Rich&Poor, Master&Slave, etc.) and this doctrine could potentially change civilization as a whole • Prohibitory Act (1775) o King George III's Response to the Olive Branch Petition  He states that he now dis-owns those colonists in the Americas & they are no longer under his protection  It is seen as a declaration of war on his own subjects o Once the Continental Congress hears of what the King has done, they make their Independence official by creating the Declaration of Independence • Declaration of Independence (July 1776) • Central aim of the Declaration of Independence: o Establish the political right to rebellion; that is, to provide a justification of ...? o Another aim is to create legitimacy for the U.S. as a new nation that could therefore ally with other nations • First phase of the American Revolution didn't last very long (1775-1776) • Battle of Saratoga (1777) • Treaty of Alliance (1778) • Paul Revere wouldn't have said the British are coming, but rather that Troops are coming • The second phase of the conflict, the British fail to commit a good number of military forces to the problem o This gives the Continental Congress time to organize and raise a military unit, which comes to be known as the American Continental Army  Common is given to a General, known as George Washington • He is then promoted as Commander of the Cont
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