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HIST 106

Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition/ Class Intro A. Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, 1876 a. Announced America’s arrival as a technological power b. Many firms were present that would dominate the next century B. Women at the Expo a. Should be seen, not heard b. Anthony, Stanton i. Women’s declaration of independence c. Indicative of women’s right to vote, etc. C. Bad news from west: Custer’s last stand a. Indians won the battle, lost the war b. “battle of little big horn” c. Inevitable defeat (R.R., no buffalo, etc.) d. Frontier provides a safety barrier D. National women’s suffrage group thing a. Founders meeting b. Same day as pavilion opening at exhibition c. Women’s DOI published, hidden on page 5 E. Frederick Douglas a. Most prominent leader of blacks F. Common Assertions about reconstruction a. Republicans controlled it i. Bad for the south, destroyed it’s culture 1. Slavery b. Two statements about black suffrage i. Encompasses soldiers idealism ii. Focused on $ and failing white’s political calculations c. During reconstruction the south was subjected to military dictatorship i. Actually, the federal troops were few in number and stretched at all sides d. Considerable expansion in schools e. School taxes were expensive f. Votes for three southern states were contested
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