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HIST 106

1) Immigration, urbanization, uprooting,transplanting a. Immigration and urbanization go hand in hand. Most immigrants collected in urban areas, due to the availability of jobs in the city factories, etc. and the later unavailability of living in the suburbs because of the lack of money/cars to travel to work/etc. b. Uprooted is forced migration, transplanted is voluntary. c. I think transplanted is more appropriate because people did have an option of where they moved to, for the most part, the U.S. was a free country and people could live in whatever town and find whatever job they pleased. d. However, it could be argued that immigrants were often uprooted, because they were too poor to move anywhere besides the city center as they could not afford to drive to work and were unable to find jobs that weren’t in factories or domestic work in the center of the city for the more well-off folks elsewhere. e. In the Polacheck book, Hilda was originally uprooted, her family struggled to get by with money, especially after her father died and they had to make do. They ate very little and both her and her sister were working to help their mother and family. However, later on she was transplanted, because she was able to pick up and do what she pleased, leaving town to go to Chicago to work for the summer, as well as being able to spend time at the Hull house and teaching others instead of working extra hours at another job. 2) Restriction on immigration a. It was due to the ideological changes in America. Seen because the law used a very old census, with smaller immigration numbers, and did not pinpoint specific cultures of immigrants, but ANY immigrant 3) Why were reformers “short-lived” if they were so good and bosses were so bad? a. Although reformers had good ideas in some ways, they were never put into action. Either they weren’t successful or the majority of people wanted change but were too scared to leave the way things currently were 4) The progressive Movement a. It was strongest everywhere, except New England where it was weakest. It was especially strong in the western states because western governments passed reforms faster than they did in the east. b. They stood for prohibition, factory safety, suppression of gambling 5) Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson a. Both were ivy league graduates from upper class-men of the mind b. Parallels- antitrust, regulatory policies, labor policies (Roosevelt more of a trust buster though), progressive presidents c. Wilson supported a child labor act that kept age over 14 and also backed the 8 hour work day, re-segregated federal offices d. Roosevelt has greater sympathy toward labor and was more progressive towards race (worked with Booker T Washington) e. Taft was president between Roosevelt and Wilson he was strong on women’s rights (ambitious mother) he pursued in many ways similar to Roosevelt but had a very different personality and physical presence than roosevely. He was very shy, 300 pound weakling (golf v. boxing- his sport was golf, not boxing, which is indicative from upper class-men of the mind 6) Wilson’s foreign policy. a. In theory, Wilson condemned policies of intervention. He said US should have self- respect, equality, and friendship for Latin America. But in practice it doesn’t look much different than the treaty we imposed on Cuba b. American’s initial response to what was happening in Eurpoe: Wilson called on American people to be neutral in thought and action (h
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