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HIST 226

I. Protecting Mexican Texas, 1820s a. The Development of a Defensive Immigration Policy, 1821 • Worried about how to protect border especially northern border  Fear of United States trying to come in eastern border • Filibusters, Traders  EuroAmerican = British, French, German, Irish, Americans (White Americans)  Fear of Apaches and Comanche • Defensive Immigration 1821  Based on older policy = 1700s to 1800s in Spanish Louisiana Territory •Used immigrants as a buffer zone •1790s policy failing due to wars b. The Era of Empresarios Begins: The Austin Colony, 1821 1. Moses Austin  First to take advantage of Defensive Policy •In led mining industry •1798 moved •1804 U.S citizen again •1819 U.S. has an economic depression = bankruptcy  Approaches Spanish in Oct. 1820 •Wants to establish a settlement •Wants to rebuild his life •Empresario = land agent/ administer of a colony •300 colonists come with him into Spanish territory •Gets pneumonia June 1821 •Wants his son to complete mission 2. Stephen F. Austin  Born in 1791  In Beginning not interested in completing fathers mission  Jan. 1822 •Brought 300 colonists •Settled alone rivers (Colorado, Brazos)  Spanish aren't in charge •Had to go to Mexico City to get approval •April 1823 to get approvals •Makes connections with Mexican officials  Take instructions very seriously •Industrious •Sober •Good morals •Unblemished character • What he is looking for •Gamblers •Drunks •Profane swearers • Doesn't want •Colonists have to take an oath to Mexico and become Catholic •Many people had some money • Could read and write • Most Anglo(British) or Irish background • Came from western U.S. • Born in U.S. • Most protestant • Old 300 = 300 Passively Disobedient • Didn't practice Catholicism • Land was 12 cent land in U.S. $1 = cheap land
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