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HIST 226

I. The Failure of the Defensive Immigration Policy a. Mier y Teran 1828 inspection- Tx now moreAmerican than Mexican  Mexican officials were hearing rumors about Texas  Teran is sent to TX to investigate lawlessness going on in TX  Empresario(land grants) had revolted- Haden Edwards (land grant around Nacogdoches) • Already people on his land (Tejano- Spanish/Mexican descent) • Thought he would be receiving more land • Declare area around Nacogdoches independent from Mexico (Fredonia Republic) • December 1826 can only hold on for a month • Chased out of TX  Squatting- settle on land illegal  March of 1828 Teran arrives • Military officer • Scientist • Goes to Bexar, San Felipe, Nacogdoches (most important settlements) • Discovers that area around Nacogdoches is flooded with EuroAmericans • American town, no Mexican culture • EuroAmericans aren't practicing Catholicism, Mexican culture • Sees a lot of squatting • Tejanos aren't a better class (working class, struggling to get by) • EuroAmerican parents are sending back to states for education • English speaking schools • EuroAmericans "travelled with theirAmerican Constitutions in their pockets" • Never loyal to Mexican country • Still loyal to U.S. • Resentment among Tejanos and EuroAmericans • Didn't like Coahuila y Tejas state • Feared EuroAmericans wanted to separate and going U.S. • Major problem in Texas  3 Recommendations • Recruit more Mexican/European settlers • Developing trade b/w Texas and Mexican interior • Close economic relationship will cause more loyalty • Encourages Mexican government to allow foreign trade along Gulf coast of Texas • Allow trade more freely develop loyalty • His recommendations are taken very seriously • Andrew Jackson offered to buy Texas from Mexico Mier II. Law of April 6, Factions Emerge, and National Upheaval, 1830s a. Law ofApril 6, 1830 Mexican government's answer to Tiran's recommendations  1829 Centralists in power • Limited EuroAmerican immigration into Texas except for Austin colony and Dewitt colony  Presidios/Forts are going to set up along Texas borders • Prevent EuroAmericans from entering TX • Soldiers are convicts are holding borders • Taxes on imports and exports collected at presidios  Banning slavery • 1827 children born to slaves are now free  Wouldn't accept servants any longer • Slaves would have a new relationship • Servant for life  1832 already slaves Coahuila y Tejas • Aperson could serve a maximum of 10 years • Most own under 10 • Had more political power • More wealthy • Slavery ended 30 plus years in Mexico before in U.S. b. War & Peace Parties  War Party - outright independence  Jim Bowie  Younger, newer immigrants  1832 not a lot in party  Peace Party  Most popular in 1832  Working with Mexican National Government when Federalists were in power  Stephen F.Austin  Different goals II. Law of April 6, Factions Emerge, and National Upheaval, 1830s continued c. San Felipe Convention, Spring 1833  Organized inApril 1833  EuroAmericans  Some Tejanos  Two Primary Issues  Wanted to repeal Law ofApril 6, 1830  Separate statehood for Texas • No more Coahuila y Texas  Minor issues: • protection d. 1833-1834 Federalist reforms  Think they have a chance to separate states  Stephen F.Austin sent to Mexico City to discuss issues  Spring 1833  Late 183
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