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HIST 226

I. Recolonizing what’s now E Tx: (1716) a. Father Hidalgo suggests re-establishing Spanish presence in Caddo country • Catholic Orders (Franciscan, Augustinian, Jesuit, Dominican) • Orders are going out into the world trying to convert people • Father Hidalgo = Franciscan had served in with the Caddos • Was determined to try again with the Caddos • Saw Caddo country as isolated, don't know much about it - would be hundreds of miles away from Spanish settlements, was a failure Caddo's made it obvious the didn't want anything with Spanish b. Frenchman St. Denis aids Spaniard Domingo Ramon in re-establishing missions and presidios • St. Denis had been travelling to Caddo country since the 1700 - 1713 illegally: trading guns • Caddo are competing with other Indians for buffalo so gun= :) • Hidalgo never comes after 2 years: Denis manipulates Caddos to allow Spanish missionaries • Caddos trust St. Denis so they are willing to give it a second shot • Travels from Caddo country to San Juan de Bautista • Knew there was a military fort (Presidio) • Meets with Spanish leaders (Diago Ramon) • Denis is arrested and then tries to reason • Send down to Mexico city 1714 • Father Hidalgo is sent to Mexico City • Spanish officials are suspicious but also impressed (b/c they have brought Caddos with them, here is a man that has convinced them to let the Spanish back into Caddo country) • Spanish approve new expedition to Caddo country • Domingo Ramon is put in charge then St. Denis is put second in command • St. Denis marries into Ramon family 1716: says he is loyal to Spanish now but during time is still communicating with French o Arrive in Caddo country in Summer of 1716 o Spanish want settlers not just missionaries • Permanent Spanish settlers o Need military fort to defend settlers against attacks and also to show French that the Spanish will defend their territory by arms o St. Denis and wife move to Nacogdoches which is very close to Spanish territory: shows Spanish territory was false • In charge of French Presidio o Caddos don't want to convert c. Still isolated and difficult to maintain region II. Colonizing what’s now Central Tx: (1718-1731) a. Mission-Presidio system established • Location (San Antonio) is chosen b/c it serves a
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