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Texas A&M University
HIST 226

I. Consultation, Nov. 1835 a. Purpose of War I. Create Temporary Govt. a. 58 Delegates b. Henry Smith become temporary governor c. General Council (like Congress) representatives from each district of TX d. Problem with: in fighting with Henry Smith and General Council, Smith didn't know how to compromise e. Was a mess f. Sam Houston- in charge of regular army (official title - major general of the regular army) g. Volunteer army 1. They participated in a lot of the October battles 2. Elected their own generals/officers b. See both atAlamo II. Significance II. The Taking of SanAntonio, Dec. 1835 a. Ben Milam defeats Gen. Cos’forces I. He goes to Bexar because he feels safer II. Established in Bexar III.Wants to end chaos IV. Tells leader to disband V. Tries to bring in many troops to scare TX a. Troops aren't all loyal II. Supplies are running low III.LOSES TO TX REBELS IV. Milam ordered them to leave a. Let them keep their arms b. SantaAnna heads to Tx to avenge Cos’loss V. Anna only cares about himself VI. Would participate in more battles than Napoleon and George Washington combined VII. Sets down as President and goes to TX c. Significance VIII. TX rebels had become over confident IX. Still wanted to fight go to Matamoros a. Mexican central forces there X. Bexar is left with only 100 men a. Some went home b. Went to Matamoros c. Mostly just volunteers left d. Under command of Col. James Neill (Jan. 1836) XI. Sam Houston was worried a. Thought TX rebels were over confident b. Wanted 5000 soldiers c. Knew this wasn't over III. The FamousAlamo Defenders a. Jim Bowie XII.Mid Jan. 1836 learn that SantaAnna has crossed Rio Grande river a. Going to Bexar XIII.Bowie is with Houston in Goliad XIV. 30 volunteers Jan. 19, 1836 XV. Houston bring 100 more men XVI. From Kentucky 1796 XVII. Came to TX in 1830 XVIII.Has a reputation XIX. Slave trade in Louisiana ****Some men are thinking about economic future *** b. William Travis XX. Born in S. Carolina in 1808 XXI. Comes to TX a. Leaving a bad marriage b. Lawyer c. Running from debts XXII. 1832 & 1835 a. Participates in battles XXIII.Part of War Party XXIV. Sent to Bexar early Feb. 1836 by Governor Henry Smith a. Sent to be in charge of all forces in Bexar b. He and Neill will co-lead c. Concerned 1. Worried about supplies and men c. Davy Crockett II.Born in Tennessee in 1786 IIIDistinct military career IV.Legislature 1821 V. 1830's most famous Americans a. Good hunter b. Excellent story teller c. Books about his life d. Wrote an autobiography e. Play about his life in New York (Lion of the West) VI. U.S. Congress in 1835 not friendly toAndrew Jackson (called him a tyrant) VII. Lost election VIII. Early Feb. 1836 goes to TX a. Escape depression b. Start new life IX. 1820's and 1830's in an escape for many men X. Feb. 8 arrives in Bexar a. Brings less than a dozen men
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