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IV. Mirabeau Lamar, Dec. 1838-Dec. 1841 Goals: c. Keep TX independent and expand Tx’ borders Wanted it to be a powerful Republic Wanted to take Santa Fe Go to Santa Fe with 300 other men and convince people to become a part of TX to capture lively area Didn't bring enough supplies with them People of Santa Fe didn't welcome them at all Made them surrender and sent them to Mexico City Failure, wasted a lot of money Spent lots of money trying to keep Cherokee's out, Santa Fe Expedition, moving capital d. Diplomatic recognition from other countries France, Great Britain and Netherlands to recognize the Republic of TX Mexico owed France a lot of money Thought about going to war with Mexico Useful to have Republic of TX as ally Great Britain then Netherlands 1840 1. Houston feels Lamar has been harsh towards the Indians and spent to much money 1. Sam Houston, Dec. 1841-Dec. 1844 Goals: a. Controlling Finances Had to reign in excessive spending (Lamar spent 5 million) Only spent about 500,000 Reduce salaries Reduce military size Stopped payments on interest/debts Printed less money PROBLEM: didn't continue to pay debts the debt went from 7 million to 10 million b. Restoring peaceful Indian policy Set up trading posts Tried to negotiate with Indians Got Treaty with Indians temporary (Comanche's) end to fighting (Comanche's older chief but the young warriors wouldn't follow) Big Difference b/w politicians VI. Ethnic Groups of Texas during the Republic a. Euroamerican "Anglo" English, Scottish, Irish decent Some money From South Benefitted the most Improve economic standing Baptists Settled in isolated areas b. Tejano Felt the foreign in their native land New leadership (not Tejanos) 1835 3,000 Tejanos 30000 Euro Americans Becoming more of a minority Post 1836 E. American immigrants to TX all they see is second class and dirty and untrustworthy Mexicans c. African American Slavery becoming very important and legal 1836- 5000 slaves to 1846- 27500 slaves Freedom isn't an option anymore d. American Indian Some had declined (100's) Cherokee's pushed out of TX Comanche's Where running North TX Defeat to resistances Conflict GERMAN COLONIZA TION I. German Immigration to Texas: Pull Factors a. Emigrant guidebooks and other literature glorifying Texas Talked about TX as paradise of North America Land was fertile No place better than TX PROBLEM with Guidebooks- published by Colonization companies Make TX look good Publishing companies Never been to TX Just publishing stuff about
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