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Texas A&M University
HIST 226

I. Convention of Texas: Texas Declaration of Indep, March 1836 a. Justifying establishing of independent nation i. Saying they don't want to be a part of Mexico anymore ii. Tired of changes b/w Federalists and Centralism Gov't iii. Most Texas didn't want Centralism b/c it was dictatorship iv. Felt Mexican Centralist Gov't was mistreating TX people v. Coahuila y Tejas formation (1824) 1. Coahuila had more say 2. Want slavery ii. Mexican Gov't failed to provide basic services (education, etc.) iii. ***General Cos' and men and then Anna coming 1. Was them saying that they would use force and violence in order to control TX***** I. Creating a Constitution and Establishing a temp. govt. a. Borrowed from U.S. Constitution and state Constitution b. Separation of powers of Gov't c. Checks and Balances d. Bill of Rights i. Male voting ii.Male suffrage b. Slavery c. Complete by March 17 d. David Burnet (Temp. President) e. Lorenzo de Zavala (Vice President) I. Treaties of Velasco, May 1836 a. First Treaty- Public i. May 14, 1836 ii. Signed 3 weeks after San Jacinto iii. End War b/w Mexico and TX iv. Santa Anna will not take up arms up against TX v. Mexican forces would withdraw below the Rio Grande River I. Second Treaty- Private a. Promised to free Santa Anna only if he would use his influence to have officials in Mexico city to except TX as independent b. Rio Grande is border b/w TX and Mexico c. Treaties weren't accepted by Mexican officials I. Sam Houston, 1st President of TX, Oct. 1836 - Dec. 1838 a. Goals: i. Win formal recognition of the Republic of TX by other nations 1. Wants to be able to turn to other countries for financial assistance and also war alliances a. Not very successful only U.S. recognizes March 1837 ii. Annex TX to the U.S. 1. Afraid Mexicans might come back 2. Afraid of Native Indians I. Negotiate treaties with TX Indians
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