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The Redemption 1872-1898.docx

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HIST 226

I. Redeemers' platform: (redeemers = conservative democrats) a. Decentralized government i. Reaction to Edmund J. Davis 1. Created centralized government to support Freedman's Rights 2. Still a social war ii. Don't want state officials telling them how to live their lives I. Loyalty to Confederacy a. Difference b/w white and black people b. White Supremacy I. "Salvation from" Republicans a. Never liked Republican party b. If you believe you are better than blacks, this is the party for you c. Richard Coke 1874 Governor of Texas (Democratic) I. Redeemers and the Texas Constitution a. Rejected the state Constitution of 1869 i. Coke said it was a Radical Republican Constitution ii. Nothing he stood for iii. It gave the state power I. Implemented the state Constitution of 1876 a. Aug. 1875 start coming up with a new Constitution b. New Constitution had stamp of Redeemers c. 1875 Constitutional Convention i. 75 Democrats ii. 15 Republicans b. Took power away from state officials c. Reduced governor salary d. Reduced the number of times the TX Legislature would meet i. 1 time a year b. Reduced salary of legislature c. Placed public schools and management in the hands of local officials d. Addressed race and segregation i. "Separate schools shall be provided for the white and colored
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