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Texas A&M University
Political Science
POLS 206
Jason Smith

Political Apathy- 18-29 twice as likely than 65 and older to report low political interest Age and Political Knowledge- young ppl are less likely to know answers to political questions than older ppl Presidential election turnout rates- young ppl are less interested in politics and less likely to be regular voters Government- Institutions and processes through which public policies are made for a society Gov Must perform 5 Basic Functions • Maintain National Defense- some countries such as costa rica don't have a military, they do have a national police or something like it but no real military, last war they went into was over a soccer game • Provide public services- school is kind of one because some are public some are private, police, etc. • Preserve order- during national disasters national guard is called in to keep order ◦ ex katrina, ike, sandy etc • Socialize the Young- different for every state, school etc • Collect taxes- some states collect more taxes than others etc. Politics • process by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies they pursue • Politics produces authoritative decisions about public issues Harold Lasswell • Who gets what, where, and how, ◦ Who- candidates, groups, parties, voters ◦ When- policy mady by gov ◦ How- People participate in politics both conventional and unconventional forms of par
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