POLS 207 Lecture 1: Week 1

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Jan 17 (first day of class)
Professor Tucker:
- h-tucker@tamu.edu (email from TAMU account with section number and name in
subject line)
- Office hours before and after class (not really office hours I guess) (because his
office is far away)
- Comparing the States and Communities, 10th edition, Tucker
- Around 20 pages of reading per week
Lectures: material not in the text that focuses on TX
Five opportunities to gain a percentage points, all questions must be correct to earn
credit. They are available for a limited time specified on the syllabus
Tests: three tests, not cumulative, 42 MC questions on each test
- Questions where you choose the best answer darn it
Jan 19th
Contradictory statements that are true/ correct
- Sum of % employed and unemployed must be 100% yet unemployment can
increase while employment also increases
- TX state budget can be balanced and have a $4.3 billion deficit at the same time
The numbers on paper are lined up
Fake news… news sources spit out false information
- When confronted, the news sources sometimes take down the information
- “I report information, you decide if it’s true or not- ag commissioner Miller
- Politicians contradict themselves, whether it’s immediately, five minutes later or a
while later (like months)
Most important ideas in the course
- Winning vs losing
- Individuals vs group
Comparing how individuals behave and how groups behave,
systematically different
- Today vs tomorrow
Time, differences throughout time
Consumption or investment
- Motivated vs scientific use of information
Our perception of the population cohort (racial distribution) is very different from what our
parents and grandparents perceive. Ie. percentage of white people is going down
throughout time while the hispanic percentage is increasing throughout time … hispanics
will have political control as they gain majority
- People in public office are winners and will make themselves more appealing to
the majority, while most hispanics are democrats now, in the future the
republicans will make themselves appealing to hispanics
Our lifetime is characterized by great change while our older cohorts are characterized
by little or no change so they don’t realize it as much
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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