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Lecture 13

SPMT 217 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Eric Winston, Revenue Sharing, Video Lesson

Sport Management
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SPMT 217
Shane L Hudson

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CH 13 - Eric Winston Pro Sports Lecture Video (QUIZ #1)
Keys to success
Grew up in midland texas HS football played in miami florida
Drafted to houston
10 years in nfl
Attributes to success
Good foundation at young age
Physical skills + practicing
Developed skills for nfl in florida
Make or break = take hold of career & be professional & be ready when # is
Vets taught him this
Mantra 2:14
Attribute of good practice
Everyone is different
Definition of professionalism = knowing your process to be your best when the
best is required; required 16 weeks a year in nfl
End of day great players make team
Tom Brady example
Difference between experienced guy = they know what it takes
Ethical dilemmas
As a player = use of performance enhancing drugs aka steroids
Most try to find cheat in “honest” way and don’t know how to use
supplements properly
Doesn’t like to know the stories of players that are getting suspended
Balance player's interest for what's best for players and league
Go hand in hand best for league = best for players
Game is always about the players
Nothing should be bad for players and good for game
Difficult to not personalize cases amongst players (strife) 7:30
Business is business don’t take things personally
Learn to understand the dirty side of it
Most challenging aspect of cba
Quick characterization of players to say who won and who lost
Instead of looking at paradigm of business…?
Always negotiations going on always changing
Revenue sharing?
Basketball & baseball = local then national model
Nfl = everyone in it together
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