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Lecture 3

THAR 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Melodrama, Agitprop, Yo Soy Betty, La Fea

Theatre Arts
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THAR 201
Evleen Nasir

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THAR 201 Notes-Modern Latin American Theatre
Loa of The Divine Narcissus
Allegorial haraters: ‘eligio, )eal religios husad; passioate, Aeria
Conversion of Natives to Christianity
Worship of Natives=always hybrid
o Incorporates traditional ideas w/Christian and Catholic influence
Catholics demand conversion and concern is that conversion will never totally occur
o Natives will always remain under scrutiny by Catholic church
El Teatro Campesino (farmworkers theatre) and Luis Valdez (author)
Founded in 1965 as pt. of United Farm Workers union Cesar Chavez
o Strikes for better wages, protesting, political activity
Artistic, cultural arm
Educational theatreeducated farmworkers on current situation/political climate and
how they were being treated was bad and that unions were needed
Agit-prop: Russian-style performance
o Agitation and propaganda: any kind of art form that has specific political
o Atos short skit: aout workers rights
o Short, fast, impactful theatre
Zoot Suit
Zoot Suit Riots in 1943 during WW2 in Cali.
o Euro.-Am. servicemen started getting in fights w/Latin Am. men who wore these
o Series of attacks and things died down
Zoot suit=very long/big, flowy material
o Latin Am. men started wearig these i late 0s – early 0s
o Wool had to start being rationed bc war ppl who wore Zoot suits were seen as
extravagant/not patriotic
1979: Valdez turned this into a Broadway musical
o 1981: turned into film
combines film and stage techniques
started in Latin Am.
similar to soap operas: dramatic plots/story
only run for 1 season (1 yr.); continuous
o a lot of episodes in short time
6 genres:
o working class melodrama (usually about poor woman falling in love w/rich man)
o historical romance (set in historic time-colonial/rev. time)
o teen drama (portrayed life of teens)
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