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Lecture 3

THAR 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Julie Taymor, Hollerado, First Dance

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 201
Greenwald Michael

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Lecture 3
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
7:49 AM
Chinese Lunar New Year
Spring Festival
Ni hao (hello)
It is the year of the rooster
Parents want their kids to be born in the year of the dragon
Told him to go eat the other monsters
A wise old elder tames Nian
Theatricality of Lunar New Year
Lunar New year on Hong Harbor
o Fireworks all along the harbor
Dragon Dance
The Lion Dance - "basically Chinese got talent video"
Chinese Rod Puppets
Why is red a prominent color?
Spring festival decorations
o Fireworks, lanterns, mandarins oranges, meals by tombstones, alters, "pot stickers" - eating
on new year's at midnight
Gifts for the young from wise old elders
o Lucky candy & money
o Red envelopes
World Religion: Animism
Northern Australia home to the aborigines
Animism: living in the dreamtime
Musicians inspired by modern music and their cultural roots
They believe that the world was created along ago by the god: the rainbow
The rainbow serpent: created trees, plants, animals, living things and the
o He created this country
Young people are taught by their elders (aborigines)
Lands are sacred
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