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Lecture 3

THAR 201 Lecture 3: Jury of Her Peers

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 201

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The Wright Stuff
Protagonist: Mrs.Hale (Internal Conflict: Should Mrs. Hale hand over the evidence (the
bird) to the sheriff)
Antagonist: The Men (They antagonize the women, saying that the things they worry
about are insignificant)
Is there an anti-hero?Who? Mrs. Hale ( She should turn in the evidence but..)
Susan Glaspell
Won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Drake University Grad
Was a reporter
o Then started a theatre troop with her husband called the Provincetown Players
So that they could create a more artistic theatre than what they saw
on Broadway
Got so successful they had "become the thing they hate"
Disbanded themselves
Got the idea for Jury of Her Peers from an actual murder
o John Hossack 1841-1900
o Margaret Hossack nee Murchison 1843-1916
10 Children
o Shep the doge
o Dec. 2, 1900 John Hossack was killed while asleep by axe
Margaret said she slept through the whole thing
Shep barked from 9-10 but stopped after that
Johnny boy was killed at 12
The axe was from the Grainery
The problem was John was sleeping on the inside of the bed meaning that
the killer couldn't have killed him without going over Margaret
Shep the dog was feeling weird after the murder : defendent said that he
was chloroformed and put to sleep so he couldn't bark
Prosecutor argued that Shep was traumatized
Margaret was sentenced to life in prison
Year later she was released on bail
Second trial hung jury: 6 guilty, 3 innocent
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