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Lecture 2

THAR 280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Jug Band, House Music, Fourth Wall

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 280

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Attending The Theatre
Arrive Early
- Arrive 15 minutes early
- Assure you are able to choose a good seat
- Lines at the box office
- Don’t sit at the back
- Gives you an opportunity to look at the program
- Allows you to prepare mentally for the performance
- Get a chance to read the program
- Get a chance to look at the set
- Get to listen to house music 15-30 minutes before the show to prepare you
mentally for the production
- Jug band with the harmonica fits for the grungy stage
- Beethoven, pianist fits a fancier, elegant set
- Might not always set up for a direct connection between music and set
- Begin solving the puzzle
- Seeing a band on set with a stage and instruments
- Grungy, more run down, acoustic
- Fancy, Paris (eiffel tower), chandelier, high ceiling, marble
- Stop thinking about the day and everything else to take in a piece of art
The Program
- Actor’s name with their character
- Cast, crew, designers, directors
- Helpful when writing critiques
- Date and time info
- Series of Events
- Day and time each scene takes place in
- Special thanks
- People around the community
- Director’s note
- Back page
- Gives insight to what the director was thinking that motivated them to create this
- Could be a fun anecdote on why they picked it
- Sometimes coupons
Theatre Etiquette
- Turn off your electronics
- If you’re late, be discrete and sit in the back
- Applaud at appropriate times
- Never yell names during a performance
- Be quiet during the play
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