ANT 311 Lecture 3: 2/6/17

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7 Feb 2017

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Historical Migrations - Five Groups
**TW for graphic depictions and descriptions of violence and war crimes against migrant
Women are rarely the ones involved in the politics that cause massive
migrations, yet they are heavily affected by the consequences.
Historical circumstances that shape migrations vary wildly, but disruption is
always the result
1. Armenia - Ethnicity and Genocide
Ethnic group - a nation that shares religion, culture, and customs
Within the old Ottoman Empire
Believed to be descended from Noah
Mt. Ararat, where Noah was believed to have built the ark, is smack
dab in the middle of the Armenian homeland
Great-great-grandson of Noah is first patriarch of Armenian church
Generally dominated by other empires/groups
As a people, Armenians sat between the Ottoman Empire and Russia,
and had long term relationships with both
Russia tried to cut a deal with Armenians, so the Ottoman Empire
flipped out.
April 24 1915 - 250 top Armenian community leaders (intellectuals) are
arrested in Istanbul
Concentration camps, death marches, and massacres
Not work camps - just death camps
Women crucified nude on border of Ottoman Empire
Half a million Armenians were rounded up in Iran and forced to
march to the deserts of Iraq and left to starve or die of thirst
Nearly all property was confiscated
Anyone with money fled
1.5 million people died
8 mil worldwide, 3 mil in Armenia
Diaspora !
Practice their own Christianity
Many successful outside of Armenia in law and medicine
Turkey does NOT recognize the genocide
2. Roma - Outsiders and Nomadism
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