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Lecture 15

MGT 201 Lecture 15: Lecture15

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The College of New Jersey
MGT 201

Lecture 15 • Reinforcing Motivation: o Positive reinforcement o Negative reinforcement o Punishment o Extinction o Theory of operant conditioning: both positive and negative reinforcement increase behavior while punishment and extinction decrease behavior • Reinforcement and Conditioning: o Reinforcement theory: explains that both positive and negative reinforcements can induce certain behaviors o Extinction: idea that a behavior stops because it has ceased to be rewarded or punished o Punishment: act of presenting an aversive stimulus in response to an undesired behavior o Positive reinforcement: act of rewarding a desired behavior o Negative reinforcement: act of removing an aversive condition in response to a desired behavior • Misalignment between What is Hoped for and What is Rewarded: o Management Hopes for… But Rewards… ▪ Long-term growth… quarterly earnings ▪ Teamwork… individual effort ▪ Setting stretch goals… making the numbers ▪ Commitment to total quality… shipping on schedule, even with defects ▪ Innovative thinking and risk-taking… proven methods and safety ▪ Candor and openness… good news, agreeing with the boss • Work Design as Motivation: o Job Characteristics… Employee Engagement… Outcomes… ▪ Variety, identity, and significance… meaningfulness of work… high internal work motivation ▪ Autonomy… responsibility for outcomes… high internal work motivation ▪ Feedback… knowledge of the results of the work… high internal work motivation • Employee Engagement and Empowerment: o Theory X: employees inherently dislike work and need to be constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that they do what is expect
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