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Lecture 5

ANTH 20633 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Bering Strait, Vine Deloria Jr., Projectile Point

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ANTH 20633
David Aftandilian

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1906 Antiquities Act
Positive (Arch POV):
- Reduces looting
- Helps professionalize archaeology/proper recording
- Preserves sites for future generations
Negative (Nat. Am. POV):
- Led archaeologists to view Native past as their intellectual property.
- Excludes natives from digging/learning/explaining their own past
- Appropriates Native sites into puli trust; sovereignty issues
1940s Flood Control: Pick-sloan Plan
Folsom Site in New Mexico (10,900-10,200) BP
- Projectile point found in situ between ribs of extinct bison
Clovis Site in New Mexico (11,500-10,900) BP
- Known it was older because of Stratigaphry.
Clovis-First Theory
- Crossed Bering strait 20,000 BP.
- Warm temperatures created ice free corridor from Yukon to Montana in
12,000 BP when ice was melting.
Pacific Coast Highway Theory
- People would do island hopping
- They knew how to operate boats.
- Would explain monte Verde.
Multiple Migrations
- Archaeological evidence
- Linguistics
- Native oral traditions
- DNA evidence
Where do Native Peoples say they come from?
- Archaeol/scientific evidence
- Oral traditions of emergence from underworld or coming down from upper
- Some say there came from overseas.
- In the 20th century the native American population increased again as they familiarized
with the non-indian world.
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