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Lecture 7

CRJU 20423 Lecture 7: Chapter 7 - When Crime Waves

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Texas Christian University
Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

Sacco Chapter 7 MaguireOkada Chapter 20 The Political Context of Crime Policy When crime gets worse, politicians blame the opposing party When crime decrease, the politicians take the credit 1960s nation was divided (Vietnam War, racial conflictsriots, feminist and youth movements, political assassinations) we were falling apart and there was a need to crack down on crime Stress more of conservative agenda extends from bad morals, generous welfare system, inefficient criminal justice system, not a crime control model; policy is zero tolerance Liberal unemployment, racism, poverty, etc. are the causes of crime Recent Democrat Presidents = conservative approaches (Clinton and Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 more policing, created 60 new death penalty offenses on federal level, no funding to get college education, registration of sex offenders, violence against women) Fighting problem of crime WAR (war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on gangs) Why Do We Use the Term War? 1. Declaring war on a problem = high commitment, time, and energy this is serious issue because we are investing so much 2. Declaring war = expressing certaintytwo sides 3. Declaring war = tangible benefits (money, resources) to fight the war 4. Declaring war = benefits for politicians; immediacy in the media Why is Using the Term War Problematic? False expectation of a victory how do we know when the war ends? Implication of an enemy Inner city minorities: AntiDrug Abuse Act of 1986 100:1 ration (5 grams of crack = 500 grams of cocaine); now 18:1 (Fair Sentencing Act of 2010) Question real values of wars What Do Some Policies Appeal More Than Others? 1. CostEffectiveness develop policy at the cheapest price possible; new programs made but no money, so redeployed money 2. Immediate Gains want to see results as soon as possible 3. Clear Logic actually policy has to make sense and has to be simple; clear 4. Good Intentions people behind developing the policy have an intention to want policy to work; name within the lawsymbolic legislation because we care about the victim 5. Evidence of Success takes a long time to evaluateassess policy 6. Hungry for a Solution we want a solution and want it quickly instead of slow and steady; does not work a. McDonaldization major social institutions it tends to follow crime control model in that we are trying to get individuals through the 9 steps and then locked up; protocol, supersize
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