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Lecture 1

CRJU 20423 Lecture 1: White-Collar Crime

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Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

WhiteCollar Crime Bohm Walker: Chapter 9 Myth = whitecollar crime is only about financial loss Kernel of Truth = mainly driven by financial aspects rational calculations not rageangeremotion o Physical harm to others in intent not involved in definition, but physical harm and violence major consequences o Individual for their own gain o Occupational for a smaller business o Cost us over 1 trillion dollars a year in terms of financial losses Differences: o Whitecollar criminals tend to be by middleclass or wealthy (not always wealthy) o Most of the consequential crime is committed on behalf of an organization (improving it)conventional crime on behalf of an individual or with a partner Truths: o Individuals are injured as well (workplace = 2 million per year killed at the workplace; more than 2 million suffer physical harm in workplace) o Mining, sweatshops, exposure to dangerous elements o Products (food, drugs, cars, car parts, tired, devices) o Environmental contaminants (toxic waster) o Statecorporate crimes: illegal or harmful actions originating from cooperative state and corporate agencies plane crashes o Fracking drill that goes into ground that releases natural gas; free flow so we do not have to rely on foreign countries for oil Against degrades environment, releasing gas; infecting water supply o Seen as a white male crime Interests served by this myth: o 1: The rich and the powerful if you say its only about money, you are removing physical problem from it o 2: The Criminal Justice System easier to invest conventional crime than whitecollar political system benefits (want to provide money to combating street crime) o 3: Criminologists Easier to get funding for conventional crimes compared to whitecollar crime Policy Implications o Threestrikes policy benefit D2L Reading 16 1. Moral ethical violations (Natural Law) behavior or activity that is wrong because it violates some type of ethical principle of an individual or group 2. Violation of criminal law some type of criminal violation; upperclass person, CEO, trying to get personal gain
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