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Lecture 2

CRJU 20423 Lecture 2: Policing Myth

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Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

D2L Reading 2: Maguire Okada: Chapter 15, 1417 What is the current police movement and what issues does this new movement cause in terms of community policing? Militaristic movement; more weapons, gear Less interaction between community There are countless reasons why police on patrol in residential neighborhoods should not be armed with M16 automatic rifles. Fear police officers; barrier between police and people Lack of courage of police officers Taseroriented officer? Replacing person skillscourage and they could just Taser them The Taser has replaced personal courage, social skills, and physical prowess in todays officers tool bag. The Taser has enabled officers to act in a cowardly manner and with a recklessness that is dangerous to citizens and fellow officers alike. Oakland, CA Oscar Grant were on BART, there was a claim they were fighting (but they werent) told him to lay on the ground, officer meant to grab Taser, but grabbed gun. Seattle, WA 15yearold who is taken into custody is beaten and officer says that she tried to attack him, video released of him attacking her McKinney, TX Pool Party Police officers need adequate social interactions skills? highly educated and professionally trained how so? Chapter 14 The role of the police is to fight crime and protect citizens from harm We will think that they are failing us if they arent fighting crime What are police responsible for in term of fighting crime? o Seek out suspects, arrest people, record reports of crimes, investigate cries, assist in physical evidence, expert witnesses Most people do not encounter with police; typically, victim of crime and reporting crime Minority group threat hypothesis control of specific demographics and used to regulate those specific populations
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