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Lecture 4

CRJU 20423 Lecture 4: Gender and Crime

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Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

Gender and Crime Internet Reading 3 Little Old Lady Norma Cheren 9 pounds of marijuana 130,000 in cash in home Caught selling by Cheesecake Factory Neighbors were shocked Arrested in 2013 1991, 57 years old, she was sentenced for drug violations Maguire Okada: Chapter 7 Minor offenses: public disorder, status offenses (has to do with age, offenses committed by minors that are not considered a crime if committed by an adult running away, truancy, under age drinking), probation violation, traffic offenses Now we are starting to see larcenytheft, running away, simple assault (increasing) 1) selfreport data that girls do act out violently, 2) very little evidence these patterns have changed despite medias frenzy It is not that girls are getting more violent, they are just being policed more at home and school; zero tolerance policies Girls arrested for arguing with their parents Police are getting called more 1) girls experience victimization (physicalsexual abuse), but these girls are committed to patriarchal family systems; women supposed to be obedient, respectful, loyal, dependent, and sexually available; buy into policing other girls, if not in status quo then they are not acting appropriately, 2) if male focused, shes more likely to respond to girls in a negative manner; if they are pretty its because she is getting too much attention from others girls, if ugly is because her looks are so unappealing Girls are victims of male pattern; sexually unequal justifies why females are committing these crimes Girls run away from home so than boys MYTH; about equal Boys are strong, dont suffer from abuse Female youth commit more status offenses than males MYTH; boys commit more truancy, drink a lot more underage Sexual double standard parents and schools reinforce that girls who were certain types of clothing are sexually active or promiscuousslutty whereas a guy is seen as winners, individuals, men Girls are punished at home and school for their behavior buy guys are not punished Males are just being a guy; but with girls its like how dare you Boys are more likely to test positive for one or more drugs upon arrest TRUE Boys are more likely to report problems with depression and anxiety than girls MYTH Girls more open about their emotions; boys need to be manly 1 out of 5 girls were arrested for property crimes in 2006 in comparison to 1 out of 10 boys arrested for the same crime TRUE shoplifting; boys steal bikes and stuff for cars
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