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Lecture 7

CRJU 20423 Lecture 7: Hate Crime

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Texas Christian University
Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

Hate Crimes Hate Crimes: What Who? Hate Crime = violent acts (physical or nonphysical) directed toward particular individuals or groups (race, religion, ethnicity, gender, type of sexuality) crime has to be motivated by bias Case 1: Devan Klausegger and Gary Moss o Two white men in Oregon that wanted to drive a biracial family out of the neighborhood; felt that they didnt belong in the neighborhood o Burned a cross in their lawn and wrote KKK, fire spread, and neighbors got fire under control o Fair housing act you are not allowed to drive or initiate anyone out of their home or community based on race, religion, etc. Case 2: teenagers attacking the homeless o Convenient, easy, they cant fight back; a thrill for the kids Case 3: Matthew Shepard o College gay student; met two kids at a bar and they offered him a ride home o They took him to a remote area robbed him, tortured him, tied him to a post and left him to die o Discovered 18 hours later by a cyclist; at that point Shepard was in a coma, couldnt operate because his vital organs were failing due to beating Case 4: James Byrd, Jr. o Started legislation on hate crime o 49yearold; Berry offered him a ride home and instead of taking him they took him to remote part of the county, beat him, urinated on him, tied his ankles to back of truck, dragged him for over a mile and half (alive for a good portion), drainage decapitated him and his arm, dumped body in front of African American church and then spread out other body parts o Berry claimed that Brewer and King were responsible for the crime (he is serving life in prison). Brewer was white supremacy, has served in prison, just got released before this incident (met king in prison and joined because they were treated poorly) he was executed, not guilty. King was accused of beating him and claimed that he was gang raped in prison by black males sentenced to death Four Motivations for Hate Crime 1. Thrillseeking hate crimes (66) thrill in inflicting pain in someone that is different than you or destroy property (most common) (15s) 2. Reactive (defensive) hate crimes (25) defensive stand against outsider (20s; one or two people) 3. Mission hate crime (few cases) ridding world of evil (could be race, sexuality, gender); something against what they believe 4. Retaliatory hate crimes (8) exacting revenge for a hate crime D2L 12: Levin (2007) Myth 1: waste of time and money to measure hate crimes because the number of hate crimes is small and insignificant not worth the effort
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