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Lecture 12

CRJU 20423 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Subculture, Supermax Prison, GoannaPremium

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Criminal Justice
Course Code
CRJU 20423

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Prison Subculture
Bohm & Walker
Myth = prisons are like country clubs
o Watch TV, exercise, lift weights, nice-prepared food, amazing medical care, cells
are super spacious
o Being sentenced and serving time is not enough punishment for deterrence to
occur (believe that they should suffer)
o Outstanding budgets is because of the amenities and money that we are putting in
for services and programs for the inmates
Public has no clue how a prison works, how violent some of these individuals are, and
have no idea how a correctional budget works
Kernel of Truth
o Urban development spread houses became closer to prions, see the landscape
and flowers, and trimmed grass (inmates are doing the labor)
o Economical designs/unused facilities have to use old state hospitals, hotel,
military facilities (amenities used to be there; way too much to remove tennis
courts, pools, etc. people think inmates are using them)
o Movies/TV Shows give the idea that inmates are free to walk around prison, work
out, have movie nights, see visitors whenever they want further emphasizes the
o Private prisons = more amenities; run by corporations; money spent
Country-Club Look:
o Landscape comes from work inmates do
o Texas prison budget = over $3 billion
o Outside of TX prisons budget = 1 million total (including pensions, retiree health
care, statewide administration costs, inmate health care, inmate
education/training, and other state costs = total taxpayers cost for one year =
o 254 inmates on death row = $584 million
Recreation and Leisure:
o Any type of recreation or leisure activity (sports, movies, music, crafts) have to
follow protocol under federal guidelines
o Amenities are funded by the inmate working in the prison (no taxpayers or state
funds go to amenities) families can put money in
o Sports = basketball (not every prison has this)
o Not enough work programs and difficult to maintain accounting systems =
earning money is difficult to get and maintain
Personal Amenities:
o No TV’s in every cell; no get together viewings
o They are black and white keep inmates under control like a babysitter
Inmates Privileges:
o 1996 = No Frills Prison Act = created a list of items that are not allowed to be in
inmate’s cells (no coffee pots, hotplates, no unmonitored phone calls)
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