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Lecture 8

CRJU 20423 Lecture 8: Race & Crime Myth

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Texas Christian University
Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

Race and Crime Chapter 8 Maguire Okada: Chapter 8 Social construction = biological differences, color of ones skin or hue Are individuals who look different on the outside different on the inside? American Indian or Alaska Native; Black; Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islands; White; Latino or Hispanic other ethnic minority; some other race Racial ethnic groups are social political constructs, not biologically or sociologically; more socialpolitical, not use of science or cultural How does UCR data contribute to race and crime? Issues: We classify HispanicsLatinos under the white category Dark figure of crime missing information Lots of estimates of populations Police bias can result in different racial and class arrest decisions White individuals commit the most crime; blacks have higher victimization rate robberies, aggravated assault Historically, being taking control over Victimization among each other Socioeconomic locations Limitations of NCVS: Only persons over the age of 12 Minorities underrepresentative in population statistics May not recall everything; forget things; or do not say anything Theories Positivist theory, subcultural theories, social disorganization, a general theory of crime, social control, strain theories, classical and neoclassical theories Theories try to explain for why blacks and why minorities are underrepresentative If you do not have informal social control, you are going to see a conflict of what people are teaching their kids competition of what is considered correct and not correct (social disorganization) Inconsistent parenting in monitoring and discipline (low self control, impulsive, and commit crime) Racial profiling Prisoner reentry Lack of resources and limited employment by also family issues, transportation, health, and housing issues Disproportionate Minority Contact and Confinement (DMC) Overrepresentation of minorities at various stages in adult and juvenile justice systems, especially Amount of juveniles and adults are of a minority status and looking at them through all stages of criminal justice system (specifically confinement) Almost 3 of all Black male residents are in the prison population compared to 1.1 of Hispanic, and 0.5
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