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Lecture 15

CRJU 20423 Lecture 15: Serial Killing

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Texas Christian University
Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

Serial Killing Overview and D21l Reading Serial Killer: types Killing of several people in three or more separate events Go back to their lives, have a job, have kids = detection is difficult 1. Visionary Killer: David Berkowitz Son of Sam Claimed that a demon transformed into his neighbors dog and told him to go kill people; shot 6 people and injured 7 others Apprehended a year later, arrested, and charged and currently serving 25 to life (consecutive) Suffers from psychotic break in reality Believe that someone is telling them to commit the crime; god or the devil has control over them 2. MissionOriented Killer: Jack the Ripper 1888; white chapel district of London (poor area with lots of prostitutes), he would lure prostitute in, feed them grapes (meant you were healthy), instead of having sex if would kill them and mutilate stomach; surgeon, skilled with a knife; 500 suspects; killed 7 women, stopped in 1889; never caught; his mission was to rid the world of prostitutes because they were spreading disease Wants to rid the world of what they consider to be a complete waste of a human being; a sub human, not on a level of being a human being 3. Hedonistic Killers: 3 subtypes: Lust (Jeffery Dahmer), Thrill (The Zodiac), and Comfort (Dorothea Puente) Seeks thrill, pleasures from harming others, excitement, adrenaline Lust: primary motive is sex; continue to have sex even after they kill their victims, torture victims, like to inflict a lot of pain; want them to suffer Felt that he was looking for the perfect fantasy lover; homosexual; 17 men were murdered and raped; 15 consecutive life terms. Eat them so he felt that they were always apart of them Thrill: major adrenaline rush, a hunter, exciting to them Killed 4 people, approach them and kill them, send letters to police department, killed 37 people Comfort: looking for a comfortable lifestyle, material gain (money), victims tend to be people close to them, spread out killings because do not want to be caught, use poison, tend to be female Ran a boarding home for mentally ill and elderly, if people found out about stealing accounts she would kill them, life sentences, died in prison 4. PowerControl Killer: Ted Bundy The worst type, most dangerous; wants to obtain power over their victim, murder is about dominance and bringing back feelings of adequacy, abused or neglected as a child; sexually abuse victims Raped and murdered about 30 women, 4 year span, walk up with a cast on and ask to help, he would kidnap, rape, and kill her; escaped twice in prison; death penalty
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