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Lecture 11

CRJU 20423 Lecture 11: School Violence

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Criminal Justice
CRJU 20423

School Violence D2L Reading 8: Kupchik Bracy (2009) Change in terms of security measures; various ways to implement these o Metal detectors, video surveillance camera, ID badges, clear book bags (or none at all), random searches (dogs), fulltime police, zerotolerance Necessary? Unnecessary? Fear is greater than actual risk = punitive policies o Very disproportionate o Based off fear not factresearch about school violence Fear is greater among those who have less knowledge about school violencecrime 40 of parents believe that a violent incident will occur at my childs high school within two years Social Constructionism o Subjective framing subjectively frame issues in way for the public to adopt these ideological belief systems; the media and politicians show the public different ways and issues to make us not understand what is actually going on; makes our perceptions seem real even though they arent o Relate to issue everyone went to school, all parents send their kids to school so they relate to stories about crime in schools, anyone who cares about children (aunts, uncles, etc.), not everyone can relate to poverty Hypothesis: o Hypothesis 1: dramatic increase in amount of reporting after incident and long after incident is no longer news o Hypothesis 2: media socially constructs stories on school and crime; exaggeration of risk (based off belief and not fact) o Hypothesis 3: news stories prioritize basic knowledge and more so opinion not actually facts, statistics; raw data o Hypothesis 4: implication of nationwide epidemic Methods: o Assessed trends in the numbers of articles written about school crime and violence from 1990 to 2006 (New York Times USA Today) o Focused on subset of articles; see if any mention if there was increasedecreaseor staying in the same range, who was cited as an expert, did it show it was a nationwide issue (20002006) o Qualitative Content Analysis the messages conveyed; if they had overt (obvious to public eye) or covert (more a subliminal message), 386 sample Results o Hypothesis 1: partial support, but overall incorrect school victimization decreased nationallyquantity increase then decrease o Hypothesis 2: support; complete exaggeration of school violence issues contradictory (overall decrease) o Hypothesis 3: support; news articles rely on impressionistic information; more so what people thought about violence (students and parents are cited the most) o Hypothesis 4: support; it can happen anywhere, focus on one big incident Four ways articles frame the issue of school violence that promotes fear:
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