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Lecture 5

ANTH 0815 Lecture 5: Lecture 5Premium

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ANTH 0815

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Language Matter
This chapter was about the death of languages, specifically the death of small languages.
(The author called languages with big population’s big languages and Languages with
small population’s small languages).
The thesis of this chapter was that we are better off with having small languages or at
least with having made a record of them before they die.
There were three main reasons why we are better off with having small languages.
The first reason was that language is not just a way of communication, but it encodes a
culture and or it’s or a belief system.
The author points out that when you share a language you don’t just share vocabulary
and grammar but you also share a certain understanding of the world.
The second reason was that language gives an insight into how the human mind
organizes and structures information.
The last reason was because the death of a language co exists with the erosion or fading
of human knowledge base.
My question is specific to those in the class that are fluent in a language besides English;
do you take pride in your language when you are surrounded by people speaking
another language?
Growing up have you ever tried to not speak your native language?
Hey Tseohnni:
To answer your first question, my mother language is Chinese not English, and I
definitely feel proud that I can speak two languages.
I feel happy that I can help people who live in the United States but only can speak
Chinese. I also feel excited to help the foreigners who live in China but only can speak
However, I prefer to speak the same language with the people who surround me. In the
United States, I would like to speak more English and make myself more into American
In China, I prefer speak Chinese and enjoy my life in China.
To answer your second question, I never think about to give up my native language.
I feel pound that I can speak two languages and have ability to communicate with
different languages people.
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