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Art History
ARTH 1156
Kimberly Curby

Art in 15 Century Northern Europe • Difference between naturalism and realism o Synonymous o Northern Europe interested in observing nature and how things look, but work looks different than Italian art • San Marco altar piece FraAngelica o Clean perspective o Idealized faces, idea of how figure works • Paele Jan Van Eyke o Altar piece o Ability to observe faces and transcribe them o Depiction of light o Can differentiate materials of fabrics o Madonna out of proportion to throne • Powerful French Gothic style • Experiencing bubonic plague • Continuation of the 100 years war between England and France • Consolidation of power, dissolution in feudal system o New economic system  Banks • The Great Schism 1378-1417 o Arguing over who should be pope o Rome preferred Italian or Roman popes o Some allied to Avignon pope and some Italian pope • Italy consisted of many small states • Well of Moses o Claus Sluter o Patron: Philip the Bold o Sculpted for Carthusian monastery o Depicts 5 Old Testament prophets o Originally had 25 ft sculpture o Mistranslation of rays of light coming from Moses as horns o Originally completely painted o One prophet had gold wire rimmed glasses o Polychromy • Veit Stoss Death andAssumption of the Virgin Mary, 1477 o Wood, paint preserves the wood o Altar piece o Wood sculptures carried arou
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