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Lecture 20

BIOL 1012 Lecture 20: Bio Lecture 3/9 Ketogenic Diet/ATP

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BIOL 1012
Suman Batish

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Bio Lecture 3/8/17
Natural Low Carb/Ketogenic Diets
How to think like a scientist
o First principles approach
o Anecdotal evidence
Consume calories at a lower rate than your body burns them
Where do excess carbs go?
o When glucose is high…
Lipogenesis vs lipolysis fatty acid oxidation
Lipogenesis is stimulated by a high carb diet
Fat Metabolism in Liver
o When glucose is low…
Liver cells break down fatty acid
Fatty acids undergo B-Oxidation, forming Acetyl Co-A
CoA can enter Krebs cycle or produce these products
These ketone bodies go to brain, muscles, heart
Go to mitochondria, utilized by Kreb Cycle
Practicing the Ketogenic Diet
o Fat options
MCT Oil- Medium Chain Triglycerides
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