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Lecture 28

CHEM 1032 Lecture 28: Oxidation States; Redox Reactions

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CHEM 1032
Elizabeth Cerkez

Oxidation States; Redox Reactions  Types of Reactions: o All have balancing atoms  Combustion reactions  Gas evolving reactions  Precipitation reactions  Redox Reactions: o Not only balance the mass (number of atoms), also balance charge o Why iron rusts o How we can power things from batteries o Even combustion involves redox o Ant reaction in which electrons are transferred from one reactant to the other o Redox:  Re – reduction  Ox – oxidation o Reduction: gains electrons o Oxidation: the loss of electrons o OIL RIG  Oxidation Is Loss  Reduction Is Gain  2Na(s) + Cl2(g) ▯2NaCl(s) o elements are neutrally charged o compound made of charged ions o Na: lost an electron = oxidized o Cl: gained an electron = reduced  We track the movement of charge by assigning oxidation states to the atoms  We assign electrons to a specific atom even if they are shared  To assign oxidation states: o 1. The oxidation state of an atom in a free element is zero.  Na = 0  Cl2= 0 o 2. The oxidation state of a monoatomic atom is equal to its charge. +  Na = 1
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