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CHEM 1951

Curt Kim Jonathan Lee Keshav ManthaBobbie Sheng AP Chem Pd1 11013Title Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid Goal To measure the physical properties of pressure volume and temperature for gaseous substances and to determine the molar mass molecular weight of a volatile liquid through the ideal gas law the nonideal gas law and experimental data Procedure To begin an Erlenmeyer flask was massed along with an attached clamp rubber band and piece of aluminum foil Next 5 milliliters of acetone was measured and poured into the flask and the flask was sealed with aluminum foil The foil was perforated with four small holes in order to allow the acetone vapors to escape when heated A beaker of water was then heated on a hot plate once it began to boil the flask was clamped and lowered into the boiling water bath While the flask was in the boiling water bath temperature was being monitored A vapor mirage then appeared above the opening of the flask and when it disappeared the flask was heated for five more minutes and then removed to be cooled to room temperature Finally the flask was massed again and the entire process was repeated to obtain a total of four trials After all the trials the volume of the flasks were measured by filling the flasks with water and then pouring them into a graduated cylinder Data The pressure of the room in which the experiment was conducted was 3027 in Hg or 768858 mm Hg The mass of the flask foil and rubber band for Trials 1 and 2 was 892975g For Trials 3 and 4 it was 938228g The volume of the flasks used was 152mL The theoretical molar mass of acetone is 5808 gmol Trial Number Boiling Mass of Vapor Temperature 1 846 deg C 896569g892975g03594g 2 917 deg C 896247g892975g03272g 3 923 deg C 940803938228g02575g 4 975 deg C 941035g938228g02807g Analysis Ideal Gas Law
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