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CHEM 1951

Curt Kim, Jonathan Lee, Keshav Mantha & Bobbie Sheng AP Chem Pd.1, 10/13/12 Title: Qualitative Analysis: Net Ionic Equation Goal: The goal of this experiment was to identify group IIA metals, group VIIA nonmetals, and transition metal ions based on their reactions with different salts and the precipitates they produced. Procedure: For part A, four test tubes were filled in with solutions containing sodium halide salts. A solution of Ca(NO )3 2s added to the four test tubes. NH (a3monia) was added each test tube that produced a precipitate. Na 2 2 w3s added to the test tubes that precipitated again with the ammonia. With four new test tubes, ten drops of the four sodium halides were added again. The same procedure was done as before but with AgNO instead of Ca(NO ) . All observations were 3 3 2 recorded. In part B, four test tubes were filled with solutions containing alkaline earth metal ions. A solution of H2SO w4s added to each test tube. The test tubes were emptied, and the entire process was repeated with NaOH, (NH ) C 4 2 2nd4then finally CH COOH–3 CrO solut2ons 4n place of H 2O .4All observations were recorded. Lastly, for Part C, a few grams of borax were put in a crucible. A platinum loop was then heated in an oxidizing flame until it became hot and was dipped in powdered borax. The loop was heated in the oxidizing flame until clear beads formed and, when the beads were hot, was touched against manganese sulfate. The bead was then heated and removed. This procedure was done with nickel, chromium, iron, cobalt, and copper compounds as well. Data: Part A (Table 18-1) Ca(NO ) 3 2 NH 3 Na2 2O 3 NaF cloudy grayish Gray, cloudier Light purple/darker gray NaCl No color change No color change No color change NaBr No color change No color change No color change NaI No color change No color change No color change AgNO 3 NH 3 Na 2 2 3 NaF No change No change No change NaCl white precipitate clear with precipitate same, precipitate chunks more clumped NaBr Milky, Yellowish Green, darker, chunks Dark cloudy green, more precipitate NaI Lemon yellow darker yellow with clumped precipitate small chunks Part B (Table 18-2) H SO NaOH (NH ) C O CH COOH 2 4 4 2 2 4 3 K 2rO 4 Mg(NO ) 3 2 clear/milky yellow/green clear yellow precip. Ca(NO ) no color change white precip.; white precipitate yellow 3 2 later clear Sr(NO 3 2 white precipitate white precipitate white precipitate yellow Ba(NO 3 2 white precipitate white precipitate white precipitate milky yellow precip. Part C (Table 18-2) Color (hot) Color (cold) Mn +2 Purple Purple +2 Ni Brown Red-brown +3 Cr Green Green Fe +3 Yellow Red-brown Co +2 Blue Blue Cu +2 Light green Blue Analysis: Part A: The following are the chemical equations for any reactions whi
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