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AP Chem Lab 8 Equilibrium Lab Report.docx

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Curt Kim Jonathan Lee Keshav Mantha Bobbie Sheng AP Chemistry Period 1 031413 Title An Equilibrium Constant Goal To determine the equilibrium constant of a certain chemical reaction using a spectrophotometer Procedure This lab consisted of two parts In Part A four standard solutions were created using a combination of 02M FeNO 0001M NaSCN and 01M HNO The amounts of each 333compound that were added to each solution can be found in the table below Once these four solutions were prepared a blank solution was also created using only FeNO and HNO 333which was then inserted into the spec20 machine and used for calibration Then each of the four standard solutions was poured into a small cuvet and its absorbance in the spec20 was recorded to conclude Part A In Part B four test solutions were made from the same three compounds their concentrations were 0002M FeNO 0002M NaSCN and 01M HNO Once the 333spec20 was recalibrated using the blank solution each test solution was inserted into the machine and recorded as well Data Part A Standard SolutionsBlank 1 2 3 4 Volume of 100 100 100 100 100 FeNO33 mL Moles of Fe3 002 002 002 002 002 initial Volume of 0 10 20 30 40 NaSCN mL Moles of SCN 0 000001 000002 000003 000004 initial SCN 250 0 000004 000008 000012 000016 mL FeNCS2 0 000004 000008 000012 000016 5 0 44 74 94 102
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