CIS 4319 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Mobile App

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Published on 6 Dec 2015
Hello we are representing Apex a new start-up application development company. We are
breaking into the market with our new mobile app. However, before we start developing this
program, we would like you to give it a test run!
This test will be very useful for when we move to the development phase of this project. Feel
free to ask questions and we would love you to comment on your thought process while you use
this application.
Do you have any questions?
Demographic Questions:
1. What area do you live in? (Rural, Suburban, Urban)
2. What is your occupations?
3. What technologies do you use?
4. What public transportation do you use, if any?
Test Case
1. If you could look at this system for about 5 seconds, what would you say this program is
2. Could you go through planning a trip?
a. How would you go about building a trip via train?
b. Could you select a train line and date you want to travel?
c. Can you select where you’re coming from? Going to?
d. Are there any alerts going on right now?
e. What would you do if you’re unsure about how the train works?
f. How would you confirm this selection?
g. How would you choose a specific train to take?
h. What would you do if you want to add an extension to your trip? (i.e.
i. How would you confirm this selection?
j. What do you think the alarm does?
k. Do you know what “Saving Image of Trip Details” does?
l. How would you return to the home page?
3. Could you go through the process of buying a pass?
a. If you wanted to set up automatic payments what would you do?
b. If you have multiple cards how would you select one?
c. How would you select a train pass?
d. How do you set up how often you want to recharge this pass?
e. How do you go back to the previous menu?
f. How would you confirm the auto pay settings?
4. Were there any areas of confusion while navigating through the application?
5. Did you enjoy using it?
6. Were there any areas of the app that were not up to your expectations?
7. Do you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the layout of the application?
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