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Lecture 8

CJ 3302 Lecture 8: notes 3/11

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Temple University
Criminal Justice
CJ 3302
Sean Cassidy

CJ 3302 - Prof. Sean Cassidy Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Prisons in America Notes 8 Living in Prison - women’s prisons are different in atmosphere than men’s prisons: less violence, more emotional - different social interactions and norms, few gangs - women more commonly associate in cliques and smaller groups - pseudo-families develop where inmates take the roles of father, mother and children - fill the need for relationships women are denied while in prison - current research indicates more fragmented kinship and less reliance on pseudo-families - an inmate code exists but is adhered to less strictly in women’s prisons Sexual Relationships and Sexual Violence - various sexual relationships exist in female prisons but the most common in a consensual relationship between two female inmates - BJS survey research based on the PREA found about 6% of female inmates report sexual victimization Sexual Victimization by Staff Members - various scandals have occurred in several jurisdictions relating to male correctional officers sexually mistreating female inmates - a continuum of sexual misbehavior starting with sexually inappropriate comments, watching nude inmates, sexual requests and some extreme cases of outright sexual assault - all states have made it a cr
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