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Geography and Urban Studies
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GUS 4015
Carolyn Adams

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WednesdayApril 16th event, 9th floor (Rm 914) - history of cities - Spodik, history professor - documentary (40 min long, and discussion with filmmakers) about an city in India (Amidahbad) people living in informal communities, along a riverbank - use of eminent domain to move residents from riverbank (that is consistently prone to flooding) to a multistory housing project (further from city) Monday March 31st - presentation by doctoral student on transportation planning ---------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- Cullingworth & Caves (ch. 17) ● Love Canal - reatly effected children in Niagra Falls, NY; serioud environmental damage; resulted in serious, harsh political action ● "Prudent man" argument- average prudent person could not have seriously envisioned this level of disaster as a result of his/her actions; does not apply with environmental damage ● liability of environmental damage - all those involved during the span of a generation (lenders, toxins shipped into plant ● CERCLA(1980) - legislation under which related lawsuits are brought; Congress set this up to invite lawsuits - gave plaintiffs maximum ability ● British environmental officials operate through consultation and compromise; best praticable means; do not have a single standard; "TheAlcoli Inspectorate" - examines area and will create an agreement contract, moves businesses in the direction of compliance ● U.S. political culture is very letigious - tolerated, and maybe ev
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