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Lecture 7

HIST 0865 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Truman Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, Percentages Agreement

3 pages62 viewsFall 2017

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HIST 0865
Eric J Perinovic

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Origins of the Cold War
Why did it start?
No right answer
Concern about the spread of ideology
Fear of the unknown
Nuclear weapons
Major argument: The Cold War is best understood as an ideological battle
between the United States and the Soviet Union with deep roots in both nationsʼ
Key Terms:
George Kennan
The Iron Curtain Speech
The Truman Doctrine
Both the US and the USSR both believed that they were inheriting European
Only one winner
Ideological conflict
The American Ideological Roots of the Cold War
Need to spread “liberty”
“Manifest destiny”
Spread democracy
After the US reached its continental borders, they looked outward for the
spread of democracy and civilization
Key turning point in US history
Opened up internationalization as a catalyst for US ideals
The Soviet Ideological Roots of the Cold War
History of the Russian Empire
Identity; what does it mean to be Russian
Territorial control
part of Russian identity is large territory
Spread of communism
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