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MKTG 3596
James Hunt

Qualitati ve Osteria and Butcher & Singer Brittany Bardo Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 Section 1: Osteria Osteria is an Italian restaurant that offers homemade pastas, pizzas, fish, steak, pork, chicken, rabbit, Italian deserts, appetizers, and assortment of Italian wines. This restaurant offers a lunch menu available for Thursday and Fridays 11:30am-2pm and a dinner menu available from Thursday to Sundays 5-11pm. The price range for this restaurant ranges from $12-18 for appetizers, $15-50 for entrees, and $8-26 for deserts. Osteria is located on 640 North Broad Street between Fairmount and Spring Garden with available valet parking and Septa subway public transit. The clientele of this restaurant seems to range from adults in the early 20’s to mid- 40s for both groups and couples without children in attendance. The atmosphere is an upscale restaurant with a high-class atmosphere where people come to drink wine and chat while having various options of food that can be ordered. The restaurant features an open kitchen and wood brick oven, allowing diners to both see and smell the food they’re anticipating which gives the restaurant a warm, comfortable feel. It is housed in a former garment factory which is designed to evoke an industrial setting, while high ceilings and large, sunny windows lend a loft-like feel to the restaurant. Butcher and Singer Butcher and Singer is a steakhouse that offers steak, chicken, cooked seafood, raw and chilled seafood, salads, potatoes, vegetables, and desserts. This restaurant offers a lunch menu available Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 2:30pm, dinner menu available Monday 2 Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 through Thursday from 5-10pm, a dinner menu with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays 5pm-11pm, and dinner available Sunday 4pm-9pm. The price range for this restaurant ranges from $11-17 for appetizers, $27-52 for steaks and chops, $28-32 for entrees, $9-$13 for side dishes, $12.50-$18 for raw bar seafood and salads, and $3-$12 for desserts. Butcher and Singer is located in a historic area on 1500 Walnut Street in Rittenhouse Square with available parking in a garage and public transit via Broad Street Line. The clientele of this restaurant seems to range from adults in the mid-20s to early 50s for both groups and couples without children in attendance. The atmosphere of this restaurant is upscale fine dining comprised of three intimate sections and two elevated platforms that flank the central dining room for an Old Hollywood- esque dining experience. This low lighting, dramatic space is the ideal setting for a power lunch, after-work cocktail, high-stakes business dinner or romantic celebration. Section 2:Analysis of Themes The themes that were present in each of the review posts showed trends of how the customers evaluated and responded to their experience at these restaurants.At Osteria, the brand essence is found to be “the closest you can get to actually eating in Italy” and offers a wide selection of authentic Italian food. The common trend of pros in the posts were that the food was delicious, pizza was a popular choice that did not disappoint, and the customer service was excellent. Many of the reviews also had a common trend of cons which were the noise level, the table space, and the layout of the restaurant. The prices at this restaurant are very high which means that the customers who come here expect great customer service. The reviews proved that this restaurant met their expectations of receiving a high quality, pricey meal with high quality service. The servers were also very helpful with the menu, answering questions about meals, and 3 Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 attentive to the table. The selection of food and quality seems to be a trending pro of all the posts. Although pizza is their main delicacy, the customers had great things to say about everything from the appetizers and homemade pastas to the desserts. The noise level seems to be the trending cons of all the posts. It was very hard for customers to talk or hear each other when having dinner at the restaurant. This may not be the best place to have an intimate conversation or business meeting. Many customers also complained about the layout and table space which made customers feel like it was too small, too forced, and too impersonal. The posts were all very positive including a few cons and it seems like this is a restaurant where the customers return. The clientele of this restaurant seems to be consistent during the lunch and dinner hours as it caters to groups, couples, and business. Thus, the trends in reviews were consistent as the clientele did not differ whether it was for lunch or dinner, or during the week or weekend. At Butcher and Singer, the brand personality they possess is a classic, elegant romantic atmosphere with a variety of steaks cooked to perfection.Acommon trend from the posts was the elegant yet comfortable atmosphere. The customers who dined here commented a lot on the ambiance as it was a memorable experience for them and very romantic.Another trend was that that the steaks were cooked to perfection and one of the best the customers ever had. Customers commented on the perfect portion sizes of the steaks since they are spending a lot of money and how they were full of flavor. The excellent service was another common trend that I found from these posts. Upon entering the restaurant, the staff were very warm and inviting to customers. When deciding on the perfect steak, the servers were also very informed and helpful with the menu. One of the common trends I noticed that were on the negative side was the price. Many of the customers commented on how pricey the menu and their meal was even when sharing entrees.Although the food quality was impressive, it seems as if the price was just a little bit too 4 Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 high for many of the customers. As far as price goes, I also noticed in the posts that many people who are concerned about the price, preferred going during lunch time versus dinner. The menu was still just as good as dinner, but the prices were more fair and reasonable for them. Section 3: My Selection If I had to select one of these two restaurants, I would choose Butcher and Singer. If I am going to spend a lot of money on a dinner, this would be the place to go. Not only would I enjoy the romantic, elegant atmosphere, but I am very drawn to the great reviews of steak and quality service. I only eat steak every once in a while and if I am going to eat it, I would want a variety to choose from. Butcher and Singer offers many different steaks that are full of flavor, juicy, and cooked to perfection which is rare for me to find at the steakhouses I have been to. The atmosphere of the restaurant also grabbed my attention. Customers described it as stepping into a time machine into the glamour of Hollywood in the 1940s. It is not often I experience or go to restaurants that are so elegant and boasted about based on the atmosphere and dining experience. If I am going to spend a lot of money on dinner, I want to feel sophisticated and comfortable with an elegant dining experience which is exactly how this restaurant is described. Even though I am a college student and this is a pricey restaurant, I would definitely go here on special occasions such as a romantic date or a dinner with my parents. When choosing the perfect restaurant, the service is also very important to me. Based on the reviews, the servers are knowledgeable about the menu and make lots of recommendations about meals. This is very important to me because if I have never been to the restaurant before, I want to know the ins and 5 Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 outs of the menu and what is the best—especially when it comes to choosing a 40 dollar steak or entrée. Section 4: Reach and Impact To maximize awareness and effectively reach and favorably impact the target market for the clientele of Osteria, the use of billboard advertisements in Center City and Rittenhouse Square, and the placement of advertisements in Philadelphia magazines and blogs would be best suited to reach the target market of those up-scale restaurant goers in the Philadelphia area. Since the target market for this restaurant is adults from the mid 20’s-mid 40’s with good paying jobs, they need to market their restaurant in areas not near the restaurant. Since the location is located outside of North Philadelphia, they can reach out to areas like Center City and Rittenhouse Square where there is upscale living, professionals, and adults with good paying jobs. The billboard advertisements can be significant in this area since people who live here may not know where the location of Osteria is and are commuting back and forth past the signs. Placing ads and short descriptions of the restaurant in Philadelphia magazines and magazine blogs is another excellent way to reach out to this target market. Upscale restaurant goers are always looking for the next best place to dine out which is great to learn about in magazines or in blogs. To maximize awareness and effectively reach and impact the target market for the clientele of Butcher and Singer, they can work with local hotels in the Rittenhouse Square area to place advertisements of their restaurant in hotel room brochures, in the lobby area, and on the televisions. Butcher and Singer is located in a historic area which means that they can target beyond just adults with good paying jobs. They can reach out to tourists in the Philadelphia area who are looking for something out of the ordinary—a fine dining steakhouse with an elegant, 6 Brittany Bardo Marketing 3596 Qualitative Research Task 1 retro atmosphere. Since the location is also only 6 blocks from City Hall, they could hand out brochures and flyers to maximize and expand awareness in other areas.Again, this is another great way to reach out to the target market of adults and tourists in the Philadelphia area. Advertising online in restaurant websites and blogs is another way to reach out to the target market as these people are upscale restaurant goers who are very interested in trying something new and different and who want to read a description or review about the restaurant. Butcher and Singer can also advertise in apps such as Groupon or Living Social where they can reach people who are searching for trendy restaurants in the area or those who are new to the area that want to find good food and even a good dinner deal. Section 5:Appendix Osteria Posts: (Source: 1. “Food was fantastic. The bread basket that they bring to every table is pretty good- fresh, and a few varieties of bread. We got the fungi pizza and split is as an appetizer (2 people). For our main course, we got the pork shank and duck breast. Both entrees were well prepared and presented. Service was second to none- I don't think we ever had a water glass that was half empty. Too full for dessert, but the table next to us got one and it looked amazing. Hopefully next time we'll save room for dessert. Some of the negatives- the tables are very close together, and I felt like we had to listen to the 2 tables next to us for the entire meal. Also, if taking public transportation to the restaurant, it can get a little sketchy.” – Sarah D. 2. “Had a very nice business dinner at Osteria on Tuesday Evening, 4/23 (4 people). The service was great and the food was quite good. It would clearly be 4 star food and 5 star service. Had a wonderful escargot appetizer followed by a pasta (rigatoni w/chicken livers). I truly enjoyed the rigatoni. Osteria is a busy place (or at least it was on the night I ate there). The food is great. Not five star but definitely 4 star. The rigatoni was pretty amazing. I had some chocolate desert that was mediocre. It was crunchy peanut butter coated with thick chocolate and glazed. Not sure a desert like this belongs at a world
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