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REL 0811 Lecture 3: Religion-Spring2017-0811-002-TravisTravis

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REL 0811
Travis Navarro Travis

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Religion 0811-002/ Asian Studies 0811-002: Asian Behavior and Thought, Spring 2017 Instructor Information Instructor: Travis Travis Office address: Anderson 638 Office hours: MWF 11:00-12:00 & by appointment Email: [email protected] Class time & location: MWF 1:00-1:50/ Anderson 211 Course Overview and Goals Course Description (from Course Catalog) We incessantly engage ourselves in doing things. We are beings-at-doing. We define ourselves by the kind of actions we perform. How we act or conduct ourselves is shaped by the kind of self we construct for ourselves. And that self is shaped by the society into which we happen to be born. Self-identity, which is socially and culturally constructed by our experiences and interactions with others, carries a personal as well as an interpersonal meaning. Learn the four Asian paradigmatic cases of self-identity and examine yourself in light of them. Note This course fulfills the Human Behavior (GB) requirement for students under GenEd and Individual & Society (IN) for students under Core. Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have successfully completed any of the following: ASST 0811, CRIT 0811, PHIL 0811, Chinese 0811, Japanese 0811 or Religion 0911. Upon Completion of this Course, students will be able to: Gain basic knowledge of and exposure to the major religious traditions of Asiathat is, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoismand become aware of the significant plurality and diversity both within and among traditions. Develop and/or improve critical reading and research skills through investigating one tradition in-depth. Thoroughly engage with the course material through reading, class discussion, small-group work, visual media, and reflective writing. 1 Course Requirements Attendance *See Course Policies Class Participation There will be weekly activities to be completed individually and in small groups throughout the course. These activities will be graded and counted towards your final grade. Grading of Assignments The grade for this course will be determined according to the following formula: Assignments/Activities % of Final Grade Attendance & Participation 25% Project 1 25% Project 2 25% Project 3 25% Letter Grades Letter grades for the entire course will be assigned as follows: A: 93-100; A-: 90-92; B+: 87-89; B: 83-86; B-: 80-82; C+: 77-79; C: 73-76; C-: 70-72; D+: 67-69; D: 60-66; F: <60. Grading Roles Students will provide their preference and be assigned one of five team roles that will determine their grading scheme. 1. Writer 3 scaffolded essays 2. Artist 3 scaffolded fine arts products (i.e. film, dance, music, art, photography, etc.) 3. Presenter 3 scaffolded presentations using innovative presentation mediums 4. Cartographer 3 scaffolded interactive maps using various GIS technology 5. Editor 3 projects that synthesize the scaffolded works of your team members. 2Writer Grade Criteria Essay 1 Project Proposal you will write a 3 page summary of your teams research project. The essay should be Due Friday 2/17 MLA, APA, or Chicago format; 12pt font. Essay 2 Application of Scholarly Sources to your Research Project Due Friday 3/24 For this essay, you will research at least 3 sources 1 should be a primary source from course reserves. The essay should be 3-5 pages; MLA, APA, or Chicago format; 12pt font; and illustrate a deeper understanding of your project in light of scholarly research. Essay 3 Creative Assignment Based on Previous Two Essays Due Friday 4/21 You will be given directions for essay 3 based on your grade from essay 2. Artist Grade Criteria Exam 1 Project Proposal Yo
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