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Lecture 16

REL 0833 Lecture 16: Slavery

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Temple University
REL 0833
Musumunu, Garvey

October 3, 2016 What is slavery?  The submission of the dominate group What is chattel?  An item of tangible movable or immovable property except (other than) real estate.  Slave, bondsperson The Beginning th th 15 century, and accelerating in the 17 century “Sugar Revolution” The Triangular Trade (European slave trade) Europe- Africa- Americas (then back to Europe) Triangular trade went on for hundreds of years. Slavery was last abolished in Brazil (Portuguese colony), in 1888. Millions of Africans had to go through the Middle Passage (crossing of Atlantic) About 1/3 of Africans died during Middle Passage (20 million) Most Africans… o Between 15 and 35 o Largest number of Africans Brazil (38%) o The area… largest number of Africans Caribbean (about 55%) o The United State 6% Principle European Countries Portugal Spain France England Holland Denmark Sweden West and Central African ethnicities Yoruba Akan Wolof Kongo Ngola Ibo Why Africans?  Racism (Id
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